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About Your Visit

To ensure that our time together is as productive as possible, it would be helpful for you to bring to your visit, or send us by email, the following medical information, including:
  • A list of your current medications – name and dosage
  • Previous medical records
  • Scan results – CD’s of chest or sinus scans, as well as written reports
  • Pulmonary Function Testing results – both the written reports and the actual data.
During our time together, we will be covering most of the following topics. It will be helpful if you have thought about these topics and/or brought any necessary information or documents with you;
  • Primary reason for medical visit; approximately when symptoms/issue began
  • Medical Illnesses you may have had:
    • Surgeries – including approximate dates if possible
    • Trauma – broken ribs, chest injury
    • Allergies to medicines, environmental agents or foods
    • Risk Factors – smoking, alcohol use, possible exposures to potentially harmful materials through hobbies or occupations.

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Billing & Insurance


Our office is a contracted provider for Medicare. We will send bills to Medicare and your secondary provider after your visit.

All Other Insurance

We do not participate or have contracts with any other insurance company. We will send bills to your insurance company for them to reimburse you directly. You will be responsible for all of the charges independent of what your insurance company approves or pays to you.